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393 Stafford Construction: April 2016 Update

Bryan Miller » April 29, 2016

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393 Stafford Construction April Update #2
A 5,000 SQFT subterranean garage with a custom elevator and space for 15 cars is about to be a car enthusiasts dream come true! Steel rods and support beams strategically placed in preparation for building its foundation.

FUN FACT: The golf course was formally opened on October 30, 1989.  Centuries prior to the country club were the Chumash Indians.  Within the expanse of Lake Sherwood, artifacts from two of the 17 Indian sites have been uncovered are on display in the golf clubhouse.

Sherwood Country Club’s Golf Course is now open for play!

The Nicki & Karen Team will be keeping you up to date with regular posts highlighting this project through completion.  Stay tuned!

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