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Buying a Home While Getting Married: Ask a REALTOR®

Bryan Miller » December 31, 2009

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I just recently got married, and we’re starting our house hunting very soon. My question is, should I go ahead and complete the paperwork with the social security office, etc. to get my name changed, or should I wait until after we’ve made the home purchase? I am worried that there will be issues with having a new name on all my paperwork and documents, but still having my maiden name on credit reports.

We really can’t afford to have to wait around if a problem comes up with the two different names. (We are really trying to make the cut-off date.) On the other hand, I’ve heard it’s a pain and it’s costly to change your name on the deed. Please let me know if you have had this come up or if you have any insight.

I agree that you are probably cutting it to close in time to get all of your name change paperwork done in time to close before your cut-off date with your new name. According to my lending specialist, the notary must identify the signers as the borrowers and if you don’t have a new driver’s license, etc, the notary may have a problem.

I would suggest that you change your name after the close of escrow. Your only expense should be approximately $50 to have an escrow company draw up a quit claim deed to switch to your new name after close. Good luck and happy house hunting!
-Karen Crystal

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