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The master suite and the contemporary family lifestyle

Bryan Miller » May 31, 2010

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QI currently have a 5 bedroom home with 4 full baths and 2 half baths. The home doesn’t have a designated master suite. Would taking 1 bedroom and 1 full bath away to make a nice master suite make sense? ~ Margaret

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ask a realtor®

AMargaret, this is a common question, especially in neighborhoods of older homes, where there are more bedrooms than needed, and they are usually very small. The idea of walk-in closets and larger master bedrooms and bathrooms are virtually non-existent.

I believe that one of the most important and biggest selling features in a home is the master suite. It is arguably equal to an updated kitchen.

In my opinion, you should definitely lose a secondary bedroom, and create a well thought out sanctuary of a master suite, featuring “his and her” closets, as well as separate “zones” to the master bathroom and dressing areas.

A sumptuous master bedroom space makes the home more attractive to the comtemporary family lifestyle.

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